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Here's a sample from an audiobook I recently completed. Shows a smoother vocal style and a little attitude.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


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there's a challenge going around on social media right now. Women are filming themselves, walking in on their men, playing video games while butt naked. The videos are hilarious, and the men are completely unsuspecting. They're so intent on their call of duty game until they see their wife or girlfriend standing there in her birthday suit. Then they drop everything and want to be with her immediately. What is this? That's how important sex is. Domene. We all know if the roles were reversed and men were walking in naked on their girlfriends, they'd say, What are you doing? Help put some clothes on for men. Everything shuts down. If their sex, that's what we're doing. There are plenty of books on sex and romance, so I'm not going to get into the details here. This chapter isn't about sex, but how important sex is two men and also why a woman cannot let herself be misled by this. Of course, sex is important in a relationship, but it's not the end all be all. You might be surprised to find out that while it's important to your man, it's not the top priority. There are other things like Fidelity, companionship and family, for instance, that should and often do take precedence in a relationship. Unfortunately, today, there are many people who have relationships that are based solely on sax. This is where bad guys come in for your typical playboy. That's all there is in life. It's the end goal, similar to potheads who spend their waking hours thinking about scoring weed and getting high. That's all the player thinks about getting laid. The problem is, the more you have that closeness with someone, the more feelings start to evolve. But in reality, the only thing you have in common is sex. For a successful, long term relationship, he needs to be focused on you, not just having sex with you. After all, you're the prize.