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Darren Mayhead Audiobook Retail Sample

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\"On the night of a freak September snowstorm, Dr. Ruth Strunk copes with caffeine withdrawals, the sudden coming-of-age of her daughter, Emma, and the horrific manuscript that was mysteriously left in her mailbox. Fatigued and questioning her own sanity, Dr. Ruth comes to a terrifying realization with dire consequences in this short thriller.\"

*Performing Ruth, and her daughter in this sample

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Emma laughed and her cheeks turned red. The pair held each other for a moment until the violent cluster of Knox pounded the front door. Ruth froze. Is Emma latched onto her arm? The welcome sign. Fruit side. It's only the wooden welcome sign hanging on the door. The wind to Emma added, marking your page and closing her crystals book. Ruth had prepared to flashlights on the coffee table. She nuzzled her daughter one more time, felt around for one of the flashlights and turned it on. The beam, shown straight through the living room, asked the kitchen and into the dark hallway that led to each of their bedrooms. Dust particles floated by like silent phantoms. Let me put you to bed, Fruit said over. You do a chapter of your book before I turn in. Emma didn't raise a peep. The last few hours without TV or phones had been dragging on for what felt like forever. Maybe it was time to sleep and dream. Lee teleport to the next day, when the power would be running. She reached for her flashlight. Okay, Ruth crept through the kitchen with her daughter's hand. In hers. She shined the flashlight on the kitchen table for a split second, and something caught her eye shadow slouched upright on the kitchen table. Honey, did you have cereal and leave the box on the table? No, Ruth rubbed her temples, coffee withdrawals had her head in a vise, and she carelessly moved past the kitchen, probably seeing things. She pushed the grim manuscript from her mind before her throat clenched again. She turned left into Emma's room and lifted her daughter into bed with a grunt. Ruth was coming to the realization that this may be one of the last times she'd be able to lift her into bed. The tradition was unnecessary at this point, but the era was ending, and Ruth wanted to hold on to em, his childhood as long as she could.