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My name is Stephen Moore. I am 31 years old, and I am based in Austin, Texas. Best Co. Is where your imagination takes shape more than a 100 year history in confectionery forms and C F r Part 1, 11, 2, 10 and 2 11 Certifications Uniquely Positions Best CO. To create enjoyable dosage forms than not only delight but are changing the way consumers experience a broad range of OTC drugs and supplements. Super shoes are changing consumer preferences from this to this, with a smooth outer shell and a soft shoe center. Super choose can be manufactured in a rainbow of colors. Flavors, inactive ingredients. The outer shell can be coated in a broad range of F, D and C or natural colours within an identified or printed on shell. For OTC products, this enjoyable and portable dosage form can be packaged in bottles, blister containers, inconvenience, zippered pouches for sampling or small store formats. Let's take a closer look at how super choose TM takes shape. Super shoes are produced during a semi continuous process where premixed batches of ingredients are cooked mixed and formed into tablets