Audiobook Excerpt #2 from 'Pendants of Fate' series by Joel Hare

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I have been the narrator for the 'Pendants of Fate' series by Joel Hare, which is currently up on Audible. This excerpt is from the second book 'The Dawn of Destiny'.

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The birds soared high above the castle walls of
Affinity as the sun uncovered the land from darkness. Water
drops fell from the rooftops onto the streets below. The fresh
breeze from the ocean painted the alleyways with the sweet
smell of morning, as it felt as the kingdom had been washed
clean from the days prior. Magnus slowly pulled open his doors
and walked out onto his balcony overlooking the castle grounds
before him. Unfortunately, the aura of the past few days weighed
heavily upon him, which made it difficult to enjoy the beautiful
fresh morning. As he looked over the kingdom, he took a breath
of the cool crisp air and sighed with contempt. Then, a knock
came from his door while he continued to gaze outward upon the
beautiful scenery in front of him. The knocks were loud, fast,
and continued with no hint of stopping.
Magnus turned his head slightly to give recognition to
the utterance and, with tiredness in his voice, managed to say,
“Come.” The door opened quickly enough as the hinges were
just recently oiled and replaced, and in the middle of the
doorway was Casily, who stood erect and motionless with a
troubled look upon her face. She hurriedly made her way over to
the balcony where Magnus was and rested her arm upon the
railing next to him.
“What is it, Casily? Why do you appear agitated so early
this morning?” Magnus asked with curiosity leading his
Casily responded, “I worry about Arsivus. I do not like
the thought of not knowing where he is right now. But, much
more, is that we were the reason the king banished him.”
Magnus replied, “He is in excellent company. His
journey is westward, and that is all we know and should know at
this point. It is all that we can believe. There is nothing more that
he can do here for any of us. He must make his own story, and I
believe he will do just that,” he looked over toward her and gave
her a comforting smile and said, “and so shall we.”