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And then there were four me sal Leroy and Ben, teeny all my seconds behind the curtain waiting for me to make weight. Sal said we got a couple of steaks after this, I said, I gotta cut the red Leroy said, I want a Reuben. No Sauerkraut South shook his head. No Sauerkraut, No Reuben. That's a tragedy my man, am I right boyo. He feigned a jab at me and looked at Lentini for support. The medical dressing over bent knees, ribs stuck out of the bottom of his shirt like a dilapidated pom pom but he sucked it up and made it to the way in his pops would have been proud. His sheer will motivated me to be better. Mustard makes the Reuben Lentini said no contest. He stretched out in Winston pain. It would be a while before all the parts worked again. But effort is the best word in town sometimes. Sal feigned a heart attack and looked back at me for the final word as the employer of all these fine corner men. I had a duty to settle all scores steak to steak, I said, but a rubens, a Reuben apples and oranges Sal let it be and I hopped on the floor and pumped out 20 pushups. The cameras wouldn't forget the gun show and I wouldn't forget the cameras when I got up. Sal went over some notes while Sims was all about the PPV buys sal was all about the eyes. Don't blink first stare right through his skull, show him who's champ. I didn't need any of the notes, of course, but when sal talked shop, I listened about 50% of the time. A legend, a legend. I closed my eyes and then juegos name was announced. The crowd, he was stage left behind the curtain while I was stage right. Our camps couldn't see each other, but in a few seconds we would. The crowd cheered and I got butterflies for half a second. It had been a while, but then it went away like riding a bike. I was ready. The announcer called my name next. The crowd had cheered jUCo but they blew the roof off the place with me south tapped my shoulder and we all walked out on stage. The sharks were ready. Flash, Flash, Flash. Mr Hedren Flash. Flash, Flash, jUCO sucks. Flash, Flash Flash. My pupils were lambasted with light, but all's fair in the fight game. When I got up to the front, juegos cronies formed a circle around him. Noah must have been intimidated by moi because he hired seven bodyguards in addition to all the corner men, he'd need a **** of a lot more to tame me. I looked at the ring girls than at the canvas advertising the fight. Didn't care about the sponsors, but I cared about the font. My name was in Helvetica. While juegos was in surfing capital. I was the A side, but I guess my legal disputes altered the execs penmanship. The announcer called juegos name again and he came out of the circle in his boxers. He walked onto the scale and stood there like a steel rod. The weight checker Hombre adjusted the weight checker things and called out the weight. Then the announcer said, £227, jUCo was too heavy to dance in the ring with me.