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From the Book Dark Intentions. Vampire story.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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welcome home, John. So to calm, emotionless voice, it was deep and unrecognizable, yet un mistaking Lee. Menacing fingers snapped in the corner of the room, lightened up, but the light wasn't cast by a bulb or candle or flashlights. A tiny ball of flame danced above the tips of a wrinkled thumb and a thin, bony pointer finger. How John again, holding the pencil out. There are many things in this world humans do not know, nor could they understand. It was a man, a vampire, John decided. Sitting on John's favorite plush leather chair, he looked like a stereotypical vampire, short black hair that formed a widow's peak on the forehead, pale skin, bushy eyebrows, penetrating black eyes, pointy nose, his scarlet lips peeled back in a smirk, revealing too sharp fangs. Do not wonder how I got here or how I know who you are, or even how I am able to produce this flame that is unimportant. The reason I am here is important. He stood towering above John at least 6.5 ft tall and do not look into the fire. John. Look past it. John hadn't realized how transfixed he was by the strange ball floating above the intruders. Black, jagged fingernails. He strained his eyes, his jaw dropped, the tears he'd been fighting flowed. His body went numb and his knees gave out. He swooned to the floor, hiss, Sacred weapon rolling over to the other man's feet on all fourth world. Whirling in a haze, he vomited on his own hands. There, past the light was a heap of bloody bodies. His son and daughter in law, John Jr and Sarah, his grandchildren, William and Tina and Catherine. They were stacked upon each other, dressed in their best clothing, stained crimson eyes, glazed and sightless, mouth curled into horrible, silent screams. General Kannapolis sprinted to the front line and stared. Half of his assembly had vanished into the night. Fog rolled in from the direction of the enemy lines. As confusion slapped every remaining soldier into stupefaction. Something ghastly was happening, something he hadn't planned for. There have been weeks of small, controlled skirmishes between the opposing sides. Then the sudden appearance of weaponry who's damn vampires were brewing something report, he shouted at one of his lieutenants. General, they just they're gone. I can see that. May I get a report from someone who is in a complete ******* moron. Kannapolis snapped. Ah, young man stepped beside Kannapolis and saluted. They couldn't have been more than 18. If that, sir. Private Johnson, sir. It looked like giant arms coming from the fog, sir. Kannapolis grip Johnson by his Kevlar straps and pulled him close. Private. Drop the ******* formalities and tell me what the **** is going on here? Giant arms, Harry and full of muscle coming from the fog. 20 ft long. That's it. The boy shook in Kannapolis, Grasp. There weren't any bodies. Just arms. **** hammers. Barnaby snarled and locked his hands upon Brian's wrist with vice like power. I killed his son. Do you think I give a **** about him? Do you think I give a **** about the sniveling citizens of Haven, the cowards and downtrodden who are too weak to carry out my deeds on the battlefield? And Father Stevenson No more than dust. To me, they're all as insignificant as you on the humans. You continue to protect Barnaby levitated until he was standing again, hands gripping Brian's wrist with ironclad resolution. Their bodies crackled with their respective colors and ah, hovering moon illuminated the contrast in their spitting energies. Brian dug in his heels as winds whipped about his face. He skidded backwards, unable to mountain a fence. This is bigger than any of them colts. Everyone is expendable. You have no idea what kind of power resides within you. You have no ******* clue what magic looks out in this grand world of ours. You are too short sighted and ignorant toe. Ever understand my plans and what the future will indeed hold. Brian narrowed his eyes aghast. Do you have no compassion whatsoever? Do you truly not care about anyone but yourself? No, not even Stella. Barnaby pulled Brian in close and spoke through gritted teeth. She birth the monstrosity a reject. If she died tomorrow, I would not grieve. Brian was about to retort, but a loud gasp broke the silence, followed by a mournful wail that rescinded into the bowels of the castle. Stella pushed past ruby moaning as if scorned. Ruby gawked, exasperated as the voluptuous vampires disappeared down the stairs. The dueling vampires had been embraced in a power struggle. Words were uttered and she hadn't been able to hear them. But Stella, surely had Ruby knitted her brow. She needed to be on the battlement, if not to curb her own curiosity and to help Brian and whatever struggle was taking place. She inhaled to quell her nerves, yanked the door open and stepped out. Barnaby, world around face twisted in surprise. She called Brian's gays, and panic rolled through her, clutching at her throat. She could see it in his eyes, just like when he'd been resurrected in the fountain. After his transformation, all reason was lost.