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Scientist in Alien Planet

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Voice Over • Elearning


This was for an E-learning game for an Oculas Headset, with the goal to teach kids Math.

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North American


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Hi there. Great to see you made it here. Heard the research team back home on earth sent me an assistant. I've been exploring the caves here on planet vista. Which as you can see are so fascinating. Take a look around. Okay. I bet you're excited for your first mission. Huh? Your mission is to figure out how long the colony that you observed has been around. Given its population. 43,046,721. We will assume that the colony started out with only one bacteria. Let's start by observing the growth patterns of this colony. Yes. This is an exponential function. Using this graph. And knowing the growth factor of three we can take this number of periods that have passed X. And figure out the number of bacteria in the colony. Three. To the power X. Huh. This creates the exponential equation. Y equals three to the power X. Where X is our independent variable time. And why is our dependent variable population?