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Young - Animated - Aggressive - Creepy - for your videogame projects

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Voice Over • Videogames


Welcome to my page! I'm a voice actor based in the Washington DC and would love to lend you my voice for your animation and video game projects! In my demo, you'll hear the a variety of heroes, side characters and villains being voiced by me.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


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I knew it. I hope I survive long enough to tell Gwen how wrong she was, kevin. You're not a ghost. You're not a ghost. Wait, how did you get here? I'm not finished with you. I am Casper, huh? Don't yell after every move. Do you have a problem? You think I'm stupid? Wait, I was talking to you while you hunted me. The Imperial Guard captured your little witch. Leah, stop struggling. You might cut yourself and lose some blood. And that would be such a waste. Captain. Military intelligence was correct in their assessment hall along. Okay, judging from the evidence. This will help us find others. Abby. She ruins. Where did you hear that name? Oh, sounds like you've been sniffing around. I don't know if you're a noble or vert. But anybody dumb enough to break in here ain't shaking me. You cannot judge me. I am justice itself. We were meant for more than this to protect the innocent. But if our precious walls bring you all to an action, then I will no longer stand as your brother warriors of the Valkyrie. I know we are tired. All of us have suffered, but we will ensure it was not in vain. We may be the only ship left, but we will not go down without a fight