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A sampling of my animation voices.

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England - London (Cockney, Estuary, East End), US General American (GenAm), US South West (Texas)


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you know my violin playing might sound like like the cat got scared by a cucumber now, but someday someday I'm gonna play Carnegie hall, Okay maybe the Carnegie deli, how dare you now you listen to me, you evil little cockroach, you put that one down this very instant before you accidentally turned us both into muskrats or by I will spank you with it. Oh that old theater isn't just some rundown old building, that's our home, why Joey practically grew up in it, didn't you joe we can't let them tear down our home. Who's with me? You know what it's like to always feel like an outsider, like a weirdo everywhere. I don't even know why you're talking to me right now. I mean don't go you you weren't gonna leave, are you? Good? Good billy billy. No you don't listen to me because I'm little but I'm telling you so here's everything you need for magical self transformation, your crystal protective circle, chalk and your incantation, it's in latin, so make sure you pronounce it correctly, like seriously, like seriously