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every now and then we find ourselves at a crossroad where we pause and wonder where life would have taken us if we chose a different path if we went against the odds, if one decision could have led to a greater outcome, we all come into this world with varying circumstances, some more fortunate, some less though. It's only fair that we all get a chance, A chance to learn a chance to work, a chance to grow. For nearly 100 years. Goodwill has created opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment because we know what it's like to start from scratch to need a hand up, not a handout. At the end of the day, we're here to give more than a job, We're here to serve our community by giving a renewed purpose to both individuals and goods alike. We're here to make a sustainable impact by recycling donations and reducing environmental waste. We're here to create a better tomorrow by helping grow skills and careers that flourish into self sufficiency so we can ultimately empower those in need of a second chance to recognize and reach their fullest potential. Mm hmm. This is our mission. These are our people. We are good, will