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The fund was established in spring 2020 to provide financial support to students, staff, faculty and alumni experiencing economic hardships, Reef says That's when Troy Chancellor, Dr Jack Hawkins Jr and the Office of Development pulled together funding to address the problem. You know, we've asked those students that have benefited if there in a position to, you know, give back to help someone else. We've asked them. We've had some students have done that. Reef says. The funding is ongoing, and there are no restrictions on how the money can be spent. They were able to go out and raise money from supporters and donors across not only Alabama but the Southeast to support this fund, And some students are happy to pay it forward to help others. It could be used for things such as, you know, paying rent, groceries, Internet access or just daily expenses and living expenses and school expenses. For more information on Troy University's Cove It 19 emergency fund and how to donate visit troy dot today for the talk of Troy, I'm Cotino. Would Sistrunk