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Troy Public Radio - Unity Prayer Breakfast

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directly addressing racial inequality can be challenging. So Higgins says that at the Unity Prayer Breakfast, he left a lot of room for those difficult talks. I just asked people, you know, just discuss it, have a long, uncomfortable conversation about race relations and race by us in America, Higgins believes members of the Troy community have a personal responsibility to join others in discussing these issues and acting on them were the standard bearer for justice. And when we fail to do that, I hasten to think what void would feel that, according to Higgins, Troy University, is in a unique position to not only call for racial equality but to make it happen as America's international number university, I think it holds us to a higher plateau of letting people know that we can treat people equally. Higgins is gratified that the Student Affairs division plans to continue these hard conversations as students return to campus this fall. For more information on the Unity Prayer breakfast held in June, visit troy dot today for the talk of Troy. I'm Cotino, Would Sistrunk