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module 12 area. With this example, we will find the area of this rectangle. The area is equal to the length of the rectangle times the width in this slide. We can see that our rectangle has a length of six centimeters and a width of seven centimeters. Therefore our equation is six times seven. You might be thinking that the grill team doesn't have anything to do with customer service. They have everything to do with it. You see if the grill team doesn't respond quickly in all situations, then the counter workers could never deliver the high level of customer satisfaction. We're shooting for the malware doesn't just stop at sending emails. It also searches the user's computer and network for account numbers, passwords and all kinds of other sensitive information. They use this stolen information to access your accounts to steal information that is vital to you and your organization. Open the file menu and then open job options and then deselect. Use simple groups now that you have the selected simple groups, you will see that more options are available in the detector toolbox. Welcome to the ted Ask E mission orientation platform, click start for the next 40 minutes or so. You will come to understand that Todd Ask E experience through this are Tartasky mission orientation program. This program has been designed to introduce you to our history, philosophy and our mission statement