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Audiobook Sample- The Little Price

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This is a children's books, with a young boy and a middle-aged man. Whimsical and fun.

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When I was six I saw a magnificent picture in a book about the jungle called True Stories. It showed a boa constrictor swallowing a wild beast. Here is a copy of the picture in the book, it said boa constrictor swallow their prey whole without chewing. Afterward they are no longer able to move, and they sleep during the six months of their digestion. In those days I thought a lot about jungle adventures, and eventually managed to make my first drawing using a colored pencil. My drawing number one, look like this. I showed the grown ups my masterpiece, and I asked them if my drawing scared them. They answered, why would I be scared of a hat? My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant. Then I drew the inside of the boa constrictor, so the grown ups could understand. They always need explanation my drawing number to look like this. The grownups advised me to put away my drawings of boa constrictors outside or inside and apply myself instead to geography, history, arithmetic, and grammar. That is why I abandoned at the age of six. A magnificent career as an artist. I had been discouraged by the failure of my drawing number one, and of my drawing number two grownups never understood anything by themselves, and it is exhausting for Children to have to provide explanations over and over again