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Audiobook sample- Young Adult Sci-Fi

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Voice Over • Audiobooks


Multiple voices, different world, English.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
a few months ago, jelly had been the producer of a modestly successful indie music label. He was sitting in his office playing a quick five minute game of dune car rally on his ipod, which had become an hour long, frustrating game of Doom car rally. By the time his A. And R girl burst in without warning and said breathlessly, you gotta hear this jelly was used to being told that, but he knew that lucy was frequently right still no point in breaking old habits. He saved and shrugged without looking up what this great new band. They play their own gear, write their own material and do this kind of weird heavy rock mode X number. The backing vocals are all fairies. The DJ is that chick from Zebra Mondo and get this. Their lead singer is an elf elves don't rock jelly said unknowingly coining one of the greatest quotes in the history of popular music and the phrase that would follow him to his death bed, he added rather more forgettable. E they prevent jig, they play the flute in the triangle and they do orchestra. They do chant, they sell shitloads of that. They say things like cats with firecrackers up their *****. The only time they ever get sampled is when they've been pushed through an audio C. So human listeners don't ship themselves or when they slowed down 10 times to scrape the frequencies for distortion effects to shove behind crash bands. So what does she mime? Does she look good here, lucy through a berry pick of the band down on the desk. He sings his own lyrics, jelly ignored her and the invitation of the berries flashing play. Command got up and went out allegedly to the toilet. Although he claims in a later interview that he was going to fit some new earwax with higher grade buffers in order to protect his hearing, lucy hung out waiting and when she convinced herself he must have gone down the fire escape, she stormed out, leaving the berry face up on his empty desk. An hour later in came Roxanne and the sales director for Northern Photopia at Ozo Records, the largest music company in the four Realm trading bloc. Fed up of waiting for jelly who was notoriously late for everything. She set herself down in his chair and glancing down at the berry pressed play. 20 minutes later, jelly comes into his own office and she says, why didn't you tell me you were going to be sending me a million bytes a minute shifter. I need another month at least to prep publicity. Honestly, you'd be late for your own funeral