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Demonstrates ability to articulate and instruct using technical terms while speaking about complex concepts.

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allergic rhinitis is the name of a collection of seasonal or perennial symptoms that may include nasal congestion, conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eye and provide us or itching. The body's response to allergens begins with the proliferation of multiple types of immune responder cells in the bloodstream. Polly More from nuclear Lucas sites T cells, neutrophils and Yeosan Ifill's multiply rapidly to counteract the effects of inflammatory cytokines. Interleukin one beta i l 245 and A. Einstein's theory of general relativity must be accepted in order for the concept of black holes to have any weight. The accepted construct of a black hole is such as an object approaches a black hole. The energy required for the object to escape continually increases until a point known as the event horizon. At the event horizon, escape is impossible time and space or distorted to such an extent that no amount of energy can keep the object from being pulled into this. Neuroscientists are pushing technology every day to make amazing discoveries about the structure of the brain and the electrochemical See that fuels it. One thing technology can't see yet is the sum of all those parts. Intelligence Where does it occur? How do we measure it? Early theories imagined as discrete area of the brain devoted to processing all the information we learn from the outside world, like a single process or bio computer. The most widely accepted theory today is Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner's theory suggests aim or dynamic system, using all areas of the brain and concert to process information gathered from inside and outside the body. Hi, I'm Mark Brubaker. Thank you for listening.