Ive done some re creative acting for skits- and stage- I am not really the most experienced,actor but ive been told that my voice is very good at impressions and variation of dialect, i love bringing things to life and telling stories, being an artist its a big part of my life. im a musician by family trade, and not in the way where " my mother and father sing country- and i grew up on the road." but in the my mom and her mother before her were opera vocalists way, and my father is an accomplished guitarist, sound man, and radio host way. Its not much i know, but im sure if i was given the chance though im not experienced, i professionally sang played guitar and worked with sound in my ex band The Instrumentallity project- (not my name choice) for 2 years as a second and third job. I understand the workings of the field and its demands. You might think im not amazing- or that im not what you want right now, but if you give me the chance i will soon prove that wrong- im a hard worker, and i respect and also represent the fandom of this field when i say the occupation interests me more than just a whim. Photobucket

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