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I still remember it as if it was today. There was just this one guy and this one guy. But he wasn't so lonely because in his mind the image of a girl was constantly forming. He couldn't tell exactly where that face came from. Maybe a picture or Naled movie, or had seen her at a party who knows where he recognized that image, sometimes blurred, sometimes sharper. Wherever he went, she was there with him, just a Ziff. It was Riel before he realized his illusion, the problem And he knew it was that imagining that girl so intensely would consume her. You know, wishing too much is like burning a candle at both ends. Even so, he just couldn't help himself. Tomorrow they're meeting wouldn't seem riel, but who cares? That moment he would always carry it with him. You could say that for a brief moment. He even believed he had experienced it. He remembered the scent of his skin perfectly. I swear was repeated for a moment. She was here with me even today, that memory comes back to her mind at times, but she couldn't say whether she really experienced it. She even wrote a story to remember her. But the last pages are missing. Is it a good story? He happens to ask himself, Maybe if I had lived it, but I don't know. How can I judge if I like the story without knowing the ending?