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Character Sampler (Animations & Audioplays)

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Voice Over • Animation


A selection of characters I've voiced over the past couple of years, from animations and audioplays.

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian, North American, Scottish


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all right. Your filthy little **** swallowing Palladian horse. You are on my airship mentioned me. Ex wife. You're getting thrown overboard. Uh huh. Just kidding. You all should have seen the look in your eyes. Go ahead and make all the jokes you want about them. When I left the meeting place, I decided to call work again. I just wanted to clarify who had cold And who left the message for me. When I called in, I got through Talia again. Hey, Talia, it's Rob. Rob, You're still working late? Yeah, Just working leads. No rest for the wicked. Turn around. Please don't hurt me. I'm whispering into your ear. No cars off. Just check out. We've gotten angry calls from parents, students, teachers, from men to women from those involved in the sport to those who are not and all from multiple schools. We all like to believe we're good people. We see, but from time to time, we older bad things. 40% of Aussie kids have decay in their adult teeth. It doesn't need to be this way. Now imagine this. We'd like a kid's meal, please. Yes, Water with that? Yes. Please. Come on fast food. 93% of parents want you to serve water. With that, I am talking about Lieutenant care. If we were both imprisoned and tortured by Dallas stars, his strength of will faltered. That was the last I saw or heard of carrots. For years. I saw a certain gym. It's called the Heart of the Mountain, and it's the size of your fist. And he won't appear until you've opened every relic copper in the vault. She killed my Children. She calls herself the ruler of these oceans.