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Here is the rules video at Trapology Boston

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Hello. Welcome to Tra apology boston. In our challenging escape games, each team has 60 minutes to reach the end of the room by finding clues and solving puzzles. But before we get to the fun we have to go over just a couple of quick rules. Rule number one. No cell phone use of any kind. Rule # two. No food or drinks in the rooms. Rule # three Do not use force to pry or disassemble anything in the rooms. Oh rule number four. No outside tools are required. Everything that you need will be found inside the rooms so you can leave screwdrivers and lock picks packed away. Rule number five we strictly forbid the practice of high fiving in the game room. Just kidding. These symbols mean do not touch during your game. You will be given three hints in order to receive one of these hints. Everybody in your team must dance. No seriously dance. If you've received a clue you haven't asked for. It's a freebie. Each room also has its own alert tone. When you hear the alert tone, check the monitor, you may be breaking something or we may be giving you a hint lastly for your safety. The exits will always be clearly marked and never locked. You will be free to leave for any reason at any time. Are you ready? Good luck