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miracle is a word often associated with hypnosis. You might hear someone say I quit smoking in one session and never missed it. It's a miracle or fear of flying used to totally paralyse me, and it's totally gone. What a miracle! In fact, one of the finest books ever written on therapeutic hypnosis is Charles Tebbetts. Miracles on demand During my years of practice, I have been present when many seemingly miraculous changes have occurred in my client's lives. Some of those miracles have been relatively small. Consider the nurse who passed her licensing exam after failing three times. She passed easily after doing a single session with me. Others have been profound. One client outlived her prognosis of three months to live with Stage four lung cancer by more than five years. We did weekly sessions. For much of that time. Many of the miracles were so common that they seemed almost routine. There are well over 1000 former smokers who left smoking in the past. After doing one hypnosis session with me, tens of Children suffering from irritable bowel syndrome left their symptoms behind after only two or three sessions. When they happen so frequently, these results seem routine, But ask ex smokers how hard it was to quit on their own. Or ask any child with recurrent tummy aches, how devastating the condition is and ask their doctors how long chronic tummy aches can persist. These air tough problems that resolved in uncommon fashion. When you think about it, hypnosis does seem miraculous. In many ways, one person brings a problem into an office. He or she sits back in a comfortable chair and relaxes. The other person simply talks. Incredible changes happen. It can be more complex than that. There may be soft music playing or suddenly flashing lights. There may be various procedures called hypnotic inductions, that involve words like deeper and deeper or calm and peaceful. No sometimes involves visualization to increase, relax, ation and focused awareness. But all that is just background. The rial essence is that one person brings in a problem. The other person talks in. The problem disappears. That certainly can appear miraculous.