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ladies and gentlemen, jelly belly jelly bean. Hello everyone. Thank you so much. Blueberry, bubblegum butter, popcorn, cappuccino, caramel, corn, chocolate, pudding, coconut cotton candy A and W Root, beer, dr, pepper, french, vanilla, green apple, juicy pear son. Because lemon, lemon lime al baker, black holes. Black holes can be big or small. Scientists think the smallest black holes are small is just one atom. These black holes are very tiny, but have the mass of a large mountain riding, changes everything, laws, ideas the way we see everyday life as well as the universe. Financial planning shouldn't feel like a one way street and your consultant is backseat driving. Financial guidance begins with listening to what's important to you. It takes 21 muscles to smile, but only one to feel the open road. Here's Cody. He's eight Cody has a hematoma, logical disorder, childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Does your new computer give your small business a partner? Dell does, yep. Hey, y'all hold onto your cowboy hat. Hello Kinko's the copy center. How can we help a you copy shirts. What do you mean? Do we copy shirts, Crunchy slivers of sliced almonds, Plump and chewy dried cranberries. Once there was a mountain called Peak 15, Nothing was known about. But in 1852, the surveyors found it was the highest in the world. For those about to rock. You must be at Seattle's hottest music venue. Welcome to the rocker room. There is no excuse for looking the other way. When someone is getting hit, there is only one right action to take speak up last time on dinosaur King. We have the sore of phoenix. Seth finally created his mutant dinosaur, the black T. Rex who is buck. He's a dancer at the club club. You're 15 years old. It's okay Bucks 22 he's totally I thought you were going to a movie plans changed. It would have called, but you wouldn't let me have a cell phone.