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Milando the Magnificent - Charismatic Fey Bard introduction

Voice Over • Videogames


Narration for a successful kickstarter in the style of a traveled bard from Dungeons and Dragons.

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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greetings, my friends, I am Alando renowned bard and purveyor of all things extraordinary when you've been among the adventuring elite for as long as I have, there comes a point when magic begins to feel a bit stale. That's why I dare to venture where no one had walked before. None of significance. That is. And seek out entirely new forms of magic luckily for you. Milan dough is not a selfish man. So, I've written a book about my exploits, a guide that will help you make your adventures feel magical. Again, come along as I visit a hex crafters who craft curses and hexes for adventurers, if they're willing to pay the price that is, let me show you how they rule. Carvers, Enchant magic items and craft wondrous machinations with ancient rooms for the really daring, there's the spell workers who shape raw magic into spell marks that will give even the dim witted barbarian a taste of arcane power entice the heroes with new treasures from cursed relics and run rod prosthetics to volatile wonders warped by raw magic. Or if you don't much like your adventurers, pit them against magical mance that are unlike anything they have ever encountered before. I we've all of this together in three adventures field with arcane challenges and epic encounters. So, my friend, if you're ready to open a whole new world of limitless wonder, you not want to Miss Milan does guide to magical marvels