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An English guided tour of Venice, Italy.

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welcome to torch Hello. Shrouded in silence and mystery torch, Hello is the most ancient island of the lagoon. According to tradition. It was allegedly founded in the fifth century a. D by Venetian Roman people escaping the mainland. The refugees were fleeing the violent barbarian invasions that destroyed their hometown, the beautiful and glorious Altin um and found shelter among the swamps of the lagoon. Here, in a strip of land surrounded by water where the ferocious invaders didn't dare to go, the fugitives gave life to a new settlement called curriculum. Living in the middle of the mud was not easy, but using a system of log fences sourced in the Dolomites Mountains and plunged 25 metres into the soil, life in the lagoon was possible. That's how Torsello progressively grew to 25,000 inhabitants and was able to earn a Bishop C and an autonomous government considered the gem of the lagoon. Today's torch Hello is a timeless place inhabited by only nine people who represent the last living memories of its glorious past. As a matter of fact, the island was abandoned from the 12th century onwards and its original inhabitants moved to Venice they were mainly wealthy merchants who could get higher profits in the Rialto market in Venice, the artisanal workers soon followed the merchants, leaving the whole island to a few monks and nuns residing inside the convents. When the religious institutions also left the island in the 17th century, Tordella remained in the hands of a few sturdy Villagers. That said, some historians question that the origin of Tor cello is linked to the barbarian invasions. According to them, the settlement was created by the inhabitants of alternate, um, to overcome the problem of the sand fill of their local port. Nobody knows which is the true story, but traditionally for the Venetians, Dark yellow represents the mother of Venice. Now we'll walk down the only road on the island to reach the historical centre. Along the way, you'll be amazed by the surrounding landscape, and you'll have the chance to imagine the glorious time when curriculum was thriving. Mm