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Bell was so excited that everyone in the kingdom could hear her trumpeting her joy today she was to leave the king's procession through the city to his new palace. Bell thought her new uniform made her look very important, and she stood as straight as she could snout up and tell, swishing in time to the drummers practicing their marching cadence when Bell was just a little crock. She's been a wild little creature while to dance to the music while to beat on the drums and Wild is evolved to play the trumpet. Hello, it's nice to meet you. Who, me? I'm a computer virus. Oh, don't worry. I'll only slow things down for a few days, maybe send out copies of myself to all your friends and email contacts. Nothing too serious. I mean, sure, your computer might be completely unusable by the time I'm done with it. But that's not really your fault, now, is it? Looking for the perfect vacation? Try luxurious Dubai, where you'll find some of the most sizzling nightlife on the planet. We also host many world class sporting events such as the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament and the Dubai World Cup stop in at the Mall of the Emirates and enjoy international shopping and cuisine. Thanks for listening. I'm Tika Fields.