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Tim Bays. On October 15th the Omaha World Herald made history by endorsing Scott Clever to be our next congressman, saying Quote one candidate stopped clever stands out as the better choice. The reason. His fundamental strength. A strength of intellect, eloquence and stability. His proposals. Compper vied common ground across partisan and ideological lines and conservative positions on social issues that have resonated with many third District voters over the years. His opponent, Adrian Smith, falls back on sound bites and slogans. He is not a skilled lawmaker, not a leader, and the third District deserves more. And enough is enough enough of the tasteless fault, insulting commercials the Republicans have run to discredit Harold Ford Jr. A man who has served his state in country with honor and distinction as an elected member of the U. S House of Representatives. These commercials don't just demean Ford. They demean you and all of us with deception, innuendo and downright bad taste. The Republicans have promised not to continue this practice of slanderous campaigning, But as we see daily, they seem to have a problem with promises. Too often, our seniors air lonely. But thanks to Mickey Guillory, growing old doesn't have to mean being alone. The Mickey Guillory adopted Grandparents program matches Children with seniors where kids help senior citizens in their homes. But Mickey Guillory is record for seniors and Children. Doesn't stop there. During his 30 years in law enforcement, he created the junior deputy Marshal program, teaching our Children the importance of character and community. Now Mickey Guillory is running for state representative. Guillory is a new leader for a new era. That's why Mickey Guillory will expand programs at L S U units that will create MAWR high paying jobs, attract more businesses and produce more opportunities for our young people. Like a lot of young people, Tommy Brag played on a field of dreams. But it was his education that put him on the path to success. As our next mayor, Tommy Brag will implement his specific plan to strengthen our schools, catch learning problems early, teach ethics and character, the best technology for our teachers and students. Tommy Brand New leader, New vision for US 30% of criminals in prison were first arrested. His juvenile's Stephen Todd wants to change that statistic, and he has the experience. He's quietly devoted a lifetime to helping those in crisis. He's taught classes, an intervention, drug counselling and overcoming addiction. The job of juvenile judge is about more than knowing the law. It's about community involvement. Jimmy Eldridge's priorities air upside down. Eldridge voted to cut two million from schools and the cut Jackson State all while he voted for $40,000. Toe lavishly redecorating political buddies. Office plush offices for politicians, less school funds for kids. Eldridge is upside down. Honey, what do you know about that right work referendum on September 25th? Just what I read in the paper. It says Oklahoma is becoming the poorest state in America in workers wages. We've dropped from 32nd to 46th Justin's 1990 or the only state around her. That's losing ground. But what does that mean to us? What says here? All the good jobs will go to states with right to work laws. Arkansas, Kansas and Texas. My goodness, that makes good jobs harder to find here. If we get laid off, we might have to take a pay cut if we can find a job at all. Are you mean we might have to pick up and move to a right to work state. Like Texas, Your hands? Us where they still have good jobs. No, I don't even want to think about that. Then we're voting. Yes. On referendum 6 95 on September 25th. All right. Hey, Jim, What do you have? Just a cup of coffee. Crystal. No lunch? Not today. I've had my fill of bologna. What do you mean? Well, you know those ads claiming that Governor Siegelman's playing to save our schools will make us pay more for everything. Yeah.