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It may take a lot of frequent flyer miles, a pension for cold places, a tolerance of taxes and regular doses of chocolate. But happiness could be within reach, however. It's not where most people might expect. Just ask Eric Weiner, who made it his mission to find the most content places around the globe, uncovering a lot of surprises along the way, hungering for a tropical paradise. A warm climate doesn't make a happy nation, he says, thinking of moving to a wealthy state. Money can degrade happiness, he found. Weiner, who wrote the book The Geography of Bliss. One grump search for the happiest places in the World, began his quest for very personal reasons. I'm an unhappy person, so it's kind of what prompts a hungry person to search for food, he said. Weiner mapped out his quest with a combination of scientific and personal methods, choosing some countries because they traditionally score high on happiness surveys and selecting others to see how factors like money play a role. The places he felt the most bliss were Bhutan and Iceland, ranked eighth and fifth respectively, on the Happiness MEB Wieners List of favorites also included Thailand, India and Switzerland.