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In 1980 NBC launched a morning comedy show that aired 90 minutes a day, five days a week. It was an odd decision, but thanks to its witty, zany host, it snagged two Emmys in its first season. Host was named David Letterman, and he was about to rewrite the rules for television comedy. 70% of corporate I T projects wind up failing every year. But why? Why do these critical projects fly off the rails? Several reasons. First, stakeholders don't understand how their specific task fits into the larger project. As a result, projects get pulled in 1000 different directions and tell eventually it comes apart. Parenting is serious business, but sometimes being a little goofy can go a long way. Let's say your daughter punches her brother, so you send her to her room after talking to her and explaining what she did wrong. You wanna break the tension so you can all move on. So you pretended to above your feet and fall into the hallway. That's called closure. When Bill Gates heard the idea, he knew it had the power to solve the world's energy crisis. So he invested heavily. The company's name was ****. Yeojun three idea was to use artificial intelligence in a field of mirrors to reflect so much sunlight that it could be used to power our energy grid. Simple, elegant and potentially game changing.