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Voice Over • Animation


I decided to voice all the characters in this African comic book and I executed sound design and production all by myself. I enjoyed working on this project and I hope you enjoy listening to it too.

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Voice Age

Child (5-12)


West African (Nigerian), African (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
long time ago, Doc, Kanye flourished. The people prospered in agriculture and technology. There was peace until the pink people arrived with received the elders to overthrow the wicked King Koopa. The greedy elders helped the people take control of the house of power. The big people were brutal. They tortured the people of the Kanye. They stole the precious stones of the land and oppressed the people of the Kanye. Until the clan of warriors costs the great rebellion the warriors to back the house of power When the pink people left to Kanye still bleeds from wars and battles of supremacy among the clans. King Sarah Baga rules with the weekend rod, the people will buy the wait for a Saviour who was promised the son of Ra Zara Marina, Village boy. Oh, boy! Oh, Bull Yo Oh! Uh huh, Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I told you some types. You have to keep it down. I remember, But I cannot always I'd it Pa Pa. I'm surprised you man. I don't know why we are ready to go now. Bubo Boy, people fear what they don't know. People fear what they don't understand. They think you are a wizard. the last time you touch the book and it's caught fire. I don't even know what that means. Yeah. Papa Boule. Yo, We will talk about school after your birthday party tomorrow. My birthday? Yes. I have enough silver coins to take you to see the animals at the zoo yourself. The artist will make a picture of you. Oh, the snatchers! These They stole my pieces of silver so fast. Uhh! Ha ha ha! Oh! Oh! Wow. Wow. What are you doing, boy? Oh, desert plain where Chobani is Take Papa. Thank you, my son. Moments later. Who? Mm. Town in the Kanye Bedroom. Rabbani's home. Do people live inside the song? This book says the Kanye's are people of the song. Ramallah, Ramallah. Whatever. Thank you. Oh, sweet, Huh? Merola Village. Odie, What are you doing in my territory? I saw what the little boy did with the horsemen. No, you didn't. I am a man of age, Giovanni. They call you, but you don't know me. You are one of the many old bones in the Kanye. Your name is OD. But you don't know Mr Hill. I am chief of the clan. I Boga, priest of Ra Zara of the Oracle. I am a herdsman of the clan of Gharib. And this is my territory. The Kanye unites us! Listen to me, Giovanni. That boy is not your son. What I saw in do could not have been done by any ordinary boy. That boy is not your son. He is the son of the gods. I know the story. Release him to me. Save yourself many troubles. That is to come.