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Audition (fiction) for The Red Queen: A Dark Paranormal Fantasy from The Broken Immortals Series

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no matter what? How do you return to Savannah each year on the 17th of november for his standing date with the most feared young woman in all the witching World squished inside the grip of her tiny fist sat the ageless Vikings, freckled pointer finger as Tessa's razor sharp teeth snapped at her pink cotton candy. Your mother wanted you home when it got dark. Would you like to do anything else before we head back from 20 yards away and in the fading orange light of an autumn evening, her sharp eyes caught the glimmer of the gold ring behind a glass case at the last carnival game on the row, How do you play that one? A gust of wind blanketed held dear with wilted crepe myrtle pedals. And after he swatted them from the sleeve of his blue zippered hoodie, he reached into the pocket of his jeans for his wallet. It's called Ducks on a pond. $3 bills went to the counter and he dug out a handful of bbs from the upside down metal lid. You take this rifle here and shoot the little circle on the duck and if they fall over, you win a prize. While he loaded the gun. Tessa wrinkled her nose as she scanned all the stuffed animals and knickknacks, but she shook her head and pointed at the prices behind the worker. All this stuff is crap except that big shining ring right there, huff of air came from the carnival man's red and white striped chest as he laughed and motioned to the rule board behind them. Well you have to knock all of them down for that, sweetheart. I haven't seen anybody do that before. When her head fell backward, she squinted at Hilda, and a trail of smoke puffed from her nostrils. I want the damn ring. Each year she got a little meaner and he understood. If they walked away without the jewelry on her finger, he'd hear her complain until her next birthday air tossed back and forth between his cheeks, and the back of his hand went to the shoulder of her black dress to push her aside. Let me do this for you. Test. You've never seen a gun before and hitting one is hard enough, much less all of them. The heel of her black patent leather boots stomped the brick sidewalk below her. I want to do it myself. Nothing means anything unless I win laced in fire and magic. His little sidekick had temper tantrums of epic proportions. A sinking sensation came to his chest as the human families around them laughed and went about their business, little more than insects to her. Kind Tessa would have no bad feelings at all as she squished every one of them if she didn't have her way. The dark metal barrel of the rifle came before her. Go on, then. But if you don't win, it isn't something to worry yourself over, you know, I'll buy you anything you want