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Audition for a self-help book entitled, \"You're gonna die soon.\"

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English (North American)

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Senior (55+)


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Chapter two, this too shall pass. One of the best things about life and sometimes one of the worst things about life is that nothing lasts forever. If you're feeling happy, the happiest you've ever been, it will feel like no one can hold a candle to your happiness. I'm sorry to tell you though, that this will pass, but if you're feeling mad or sad or frustrated about the fact that your happiness will pass, that too shall pass. If you're feeling mad or sad or frustrated about anything that will pass, So one of the most important things that you can do is cherish the happy moments while you're in them and know that sad moments are short lived. As humans, we can get trapped in either one of these spaces, which allows them to get the best of us in the long run though, there's probably nothing special about how you feel in one specific moment, I can guarantee that it's all been done before. One of the most important keys to get through the roller coaster of life lies in finding peace in whatever stage you're in