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This was to promote Wichin' Pizza in a fundraiser that where the winner would earn a little more than $1,000. I wrote the content, and edited the piece. My vision was to make this fun, create a jingle, and make sure I touched on her menu items.

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crap, it's raining. We can't go out to eat tonight, but it's the weekend. I know darling, we're just gonna have to eat from somewhere that the looters who delivers some bomb food in our area. I'm not sure. Let's see what city dining club has to say. Great idea. Let me know what you find out. Hello city dining, huh? Yeah. And the five or to the rain came through and that's like the one that you just listen to. Don't worry. Here's what you do. Go to which pizza dot com in order from the menu, she delivers some really good food. Got the media, got the veggies, that supreme dream, the bacon barbecue. Stop teasing me. But my personal favorite, I'm telling all my friends, oh, it's my number one thing chicken off it. Say, here's what you do. Go to with your pizza dot com and know the fundamental go to with your pizza dot com and or the fundamental go to with your pizza dot com and or the kind of menu go to with your pizza dot com and order fundament. You and if you don't vote for Britney, well, I think you should be aware that God is on her side. And if God is on Britney's side and you're not, well, your house might catch fire tomorrow or your plumbing might go out electricity go out, your cell phone doesn't charge. You have no signal when you need it the most. So go ahead and support Britney to save yourself the pain. Now go to the bank. Mhm Yeah