Superman is Black

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A poem written by myself comparing Superman, the fictional character to the Black American

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn) US African American


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as a kid. I love the Avengers, X men and Fantastic Four. I'd also be on the D C train Love Batman flashing more from the Web slinger The half vampires. IPads wears recruiting men. I was a fan of them all except Superman. How could this be? The original superhero could fly as strong and has super speed lasers for eyes freezing breath. It all sounds good to me, but the man with those power has never been a good look to me. Why? How did he become the Super one from another planet? Sources power from the sun. His comic shows and movies would always leave me numb. And it's gotta because oh, they must think we're dumb. That must mean the image we see is way wrong. His probably comes from the sun, the same as I said, we should be as black as a con. Our melanin allows blacks to absorb those races that protects the skin. Even in the fantasy world, they refused to let us in who you know, speak. It's cool as we game so cold that the drip of freeze. So in that sense, that's cold power. In our speech, we succeed and all foot races. Indeed. Lamar Jackson Hussein boat. Let's believe we got speed. We can lead, You can see the power and I'll jump from the easing our dunks. That's why they don't want us to play in the NBA, because we are. We don't leap tall buildings, but we do leap over. Guards, forwards and centers leap over any obstacle that you send us. That's why it pays to teach us that slaves is what begins us and that we were all born sentence. What we are kings and queens who's well mannered that were tricked onto a ship. That crash landed on this God forsaken planet. Flip flopped our world just as they planned it. Then they told us that cash is king now. We can't manage because we have this insight. How could the king be made up of paper that makes it our kryptonite? Because that's the credit they're asking. Although it's lacking the backing of the gift of life car little strength from the sun. My sons named Khalil, so I'll take strength to a different height, right? The black man is Superman. Don't look surprised. Black people are naturally fly masculine, but the feminine side allows one to burn a hole in the head through his eyes. You all know the glare. You're going to store Black Mama speech before we get in here. You don't want nothing on ask for nothing and you ask for something. And then she burns your soul with a stare. Yeah, that power came from there. Since everybody's phone is equipped to camcorders, they record us leaving us misrepresented by the street. Report us and I'll need to save makes us remain in the lowest lane. Think about it. The system kicks him, but he's so super they can't see him as a victim. I know it doesn't sound good to you, but it's true. How else would you explain how quick a cop is to shoot other than they must think that we're bulletproof? After hearing all of that and putting together the facts, I don't see how you can't see The superman is black. The superman is black, The superman is black, The superman is black, The superman is black. The superman is black