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Animation Mom

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Exhausted tired mad Mom of 12 year old.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


African (General) , African American Vernacular English (AAVE)


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Hi, I'm Tanya Harris reading the role of Francis. So you were super freaking out. A little girl something. I'm making sure you don't become, You say something, didn't I tell you rick James and Prince and not met but Children's ears. You're trying to test mama today, Lonnie and love Up here looking like Bozo, the clown. You're only 12. You still got a few years before you start wearing makeup. You here then when you're old enough to wear makeup, you get stuck on the night shift, driving a bus for living and you've got no need for it. That's why I don't wear any just because I drive a bus doesn't mean I can't look presentable. Mm hmm. By the way, Janet just meet you guys at the movie. Try and get along. Please. You two were 6 years old. Get over it. He's the only one of your friends that's met her. Yeah, Well, her mama was a little poor girl from right here in brewster douglass who used to embarrass me all the time and we're still best friends. Now. Get out of here before I make you stay home and know all rated movies. Do I make myself clear