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U.K. accents

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my attempt at several uk accents.

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check 12. That's a little bit better. Now we have a working microphone. Wonderful. So this is my voice, and I'm able to read things. What do Sean Bean, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere and Tommy Lee Jones have in common? That's right. There are famous actors who struggled with the Northern Ireland. You ******* could. It was last Saturday when Mikey Joe Share bought his Scott sheep down from the mountain to find that there was at least 50 missing. Do you carrot crunching, corn munching, tractor driving, sheep shagging cow moon peg point in foreigner. You apparently we don't do ifs, buts or maybes and scouts is Don't get knocked out. Well, well, ******* see about that, sunshine, you soppy bugger. And I might as it going, you're feeling well. You're looking well, so that's alright. And me, I'm doing fine. Don't you worry about me, sunshine. I'm doing very well, You know, they're me. You're just going to go and have a drink before the football line, you know, city versus united, you know? Oh, man. Good evening and welcome to the nine o'clock news. This just in. The Queen mother has died. **** it. That's a shame. So I've been looking for the bike to buy because I need a bike to ride. Do you understand what I'm saying? What I'm saying is is that I need a bike. So I guess I should just do one with my regular voice. Which would be this, um the voices I enjoy doing our Irish, northern and Southern, uh, Scottish can obviously do a London accent. Could probably do an s exact. And if I thought about it Manchester, Liverpool, Um, I can have quite a country farmers twang. I can be authoritative, authoritative. Authoritative is the word. Yeah, definitely. Make sure I'm reading the words you give me correctly. Um, yeah, it's about it. That's me. What up?