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Thriller/sci fi audiobook on Audible. I created characters, narrated, edited, mastered final audio so that it passed ACX QA standards. I worked with the author, publisher and publicist providing statuses and creating working forms for character descriptions, pronunciation guide, and a revision log.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Irish, Russian, US General American (GenAm)


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six hours later, after the sun had melted away, the group broke up and the guests departed. The retreat having never left the dining room afterwards, Clinton sat alone in his study for an hour. He asked the Camp David operator for a scrambled outside line, dialed and waited through 20 seconds of electronic beeps and buzzes. A male voice finally answered. Yes. Mr. President Secretary Perry Projects Faraday and Independence are authorized. Highest level secrecy. No written descriptions, no access except by my order, prepare the paperwork and Bill. The president sighed loudly. Sir Harry waited for a response. I hope to God this is the right thing to do. A week after the 9 11 attacks, Ivan Belikov wrote a memo to President George Bush saying that projects Faraday and Independence were not scientifically feasible after all. And he was resigning as the project lead in the wake of the trade center and Pentagon attacks. No one in the media was really interested in the one page memo about failed environmental projects. Am I dead? I think I'm dead frozen in time, but still thinking, I feel like I'm stuck somewhere in between. I have no idea what's happening or where I'm going. I do know this. I am Jonathan Hart at least I was all my life. I felt like there was something more about myself than I could remember. But I had no memories from my childhood except that I definitely was an orphan. I knew that for sure. I used to think that I was normal, normal living and dying. I used to believe that like every human being I had to die. I watched that truth play out for years before my eyes. But like everyone I knew that eventually you had to die. It was not just a high probability. It was a certainty your heart would stop and you would refuse to breathe. No pulse, no pupil, Every response, no deep stimulus response, Nothing. Death was inevitable. I was wrong Now. I have 17 seconds to choose life or death. The first time it happened was September three last year. I don't even know what to hope for anymore. When you came in, I was thinking about how to end this whole thing. Thanks. Anyway. The priest moved closer to the bed. Don't ever think that way, son, he said in an unexpectedly comforting voice. He closed the cover on the pad and slipped it into his pocket. There is always a way. Always hope. You do not want to hear this now. But there is another girl somewhere. A soulmate. Perhaps, just waiting for you. It will be another tragedy if you don't find each other. Eventually things will seem somewhat normal again. It's just a matter of time. Don't lose hope. You don't know the whole story, father. I'm in big legal trouble now. The police think I killed I'm losing my mind. What the **** is going on here, Jonathan. You don't know me. But I know you very well. This is going to be a little upsetting for you at first. Everything about my life is upsetting. Please tell me what is going on. Am I alive or dead? I have no idea what happens when you die.