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Alley cat game

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alley cat

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Okay, this is my voice demo for adventure video game voiceover sample script for an alley cat named Tom from the Alleyway Chronicles. Tom is the main protagonist of this game, making his way through the city as a street cat, yep. Today seems like an exciting day. I wonder what I'll come across today. What adventure awaits, sir. Tom Perhaps there's something tasty on the other side of town. Ah Maybe Miss johnson has some of those tuna sandwiches she gave me last week. This will be perfect, fishy and smelly, Just how I like my food. Humans. They're not so bad sometimes. Where are you going tom off so soon? Tom Startles and looks for where the voice came from. Who? Who said that? Who dares come near my den? Fear not tom. I'm a friend, not a foe. I have brought some important news for you from Mr. Tibbles?