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Professional commercials voice over demo by Vince Penman hosted by Voices.com

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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McDonald's. Big Mac is one in a million. Now, Door Dash is giving you a million of them for just a penny each. Plus, you could win a million bucks when you order a Big Mac on doordash Yellow Pages presents hanging with the Yellow Pages when it looks like we have an anniversary coming up 10 years, Very impressive. Not everybody wakes up happy. Sometimes you feel sad, scared, crabby. Well, I asked if they let me feel my way. We are beyond ordinary. Whenever one goes left, we always know what's right. We're beyond expectation when they all think we've reached the edge. We are untamed and off the edge. We are beyond space. We've boldly stepped outside of the box and stop thinking off the shelf. New Seasons New shows something for everyone. Toe watch. It broke the sound barrier with explored the deepest parts of the ocean and took the checkered flag in over 200 MPH. Every time peace has a story, find yours at eBay right on touched. It's time to level up your experience. It's the back to football flex plan, two year ticket deals, flexible payment plans and flexible refund policies. When you think about using energy, you probably think of flipping a switch, turning a dial and going on your way. That's how it's been since, well, pretty much forever. But times are changing, and as we use cleaner energy and technology like electric vehicles and battery storage, it's time to start thinking a little differently. The P G E smart grid testbed Rethinking energy together Learn more at Portland general dot com slash SG TV future