Commercial demo

Radio Ad


This commercial demo was created for either TV or radio. I used past and present experiences for delivery with the guidance of my producer

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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mike to melissa here, julie telling 100 that Ryan was really bummed. I wasn't at the party. I need a phone that can send text messages. Cellstar, unlimited texting and a free phone, wow, I can't believe this only has 100 calories. Mm all these flavors. Yogurts never tasted so good, wonderfully soft. There's nothing like Kashmir, the luxurious and easy to care for wardrobe essential. Hey, smarty pants, get yourself down to Dean's jeans. Those ragged old jeans of yours won't last much longer. My mom says, eat your vegetables so you can grow up healthy. So I just wait until she wasn't looking and sneak it under the table for our dog healthy. At Southwestern University, we offer online degree programs are specialized learning. We'll let you earn your degree while you keep your full time job. Five years ago I lost someone close to me to a drunk driver. So tonight make sure you have a designated driver. It could save someone's life. The bookworm is the only place in town where being sociable and friendly is a must stay awhile and meet new friends earned by old ones to lunch. Hi, I'm Virginia Tribe. Thank you for your time