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Welcome to your virtual wealth review. As you take your virtual tour of your accumulated wealth at Abc Financial, please feel free to pause, advanced repeat or move to different sections of the review by using the navigational features here and here, your Abc financial wealth advisory team is available to answer any questions you may have on your accounts. Your team's contact information can be found here. Your total accumulated wealth with Abc financial is and is invested in the following accounts. Here is how your account value has changed over time to help you reach your wealth objectives. Abc Financial has invested your portfolio in the following asset classes. Your portfolio contains exposures to different markets and industry sectors. Here is your exposure to U. S. And international markets. Here is your exposure to different industry sectors in your portfolios. Here is how your accounts have performed over time. Your portfolio management team took the following actions to keep your wealth plan on track, increased allocation to consumer services, reduced exposure to international equities. Preformed rebalance in John's IRA. For more information on Abc's financials market outlook. Please see our recent market commentary from the firm's investment committee