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When choosing your house, don't get too caught up in how it looks today. Look beyond the ugly paint colors and the outdated carpeting and imagine what it could look like with your touch. Doesn't have the space you need. Do the rooms flow into each other the way you want. Everything else can be fixed with a little decorating. The Florida Peninsula has some of the country's most beautiful beaches, but they're also pretty crowded. That's why if you're looking for a more peaceful beach vacation, you should venture to the Florida Panhandle. The beaches here are just a beautiful a Xeni thing near Miami or in the Florida Keys, but with fewer tourists making it the perfect place to get away. This recipe can get dangerous because when you know how to make a moist, delicious chocolate cake, you may start doing it all the time. Okay, first grease and flour 36 by 1.5 round cake pants. Next mixed flour, cocoa powder, banking powder and baking soda and set it aside. Then, in a large bowl, beat butter, eggs and vanilla. Gradually add your sugar as you beat the mixture for about three minutes. until it's all well mixed. Scrumptious. It's hard to find the modern equivalent to Barbra Streisand in a single 10 year period, starting in 1963 Streisand won four Grammys, including album of the year, two Emmy Awards, three Golden Globes, a Tony two Oscar nominations and she released two number one singles. It would be like if Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence and Idina Menzel were the same person.