Vocal Characteristics




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birds are perhaps more easily observed. Inhabitants of the seashore girls, for instance, betray their presence with screeching cries long before they could be seen paddling near the water's edge or sitting out on the break waters. That is but one reason for this abundance of birds. Food Seashore provides them with extremely rich source of nourishment. Many species of wading birds gather in large numbers to feed a few, such as the not done. Lynn congregate in vast flocks, thousands strong twisting, turning together over the waves and a breast speaking Ariel turns looking like large white swallows hover over the surface, then plunged. Owns emerging with Neil or a sprat. Black and white gannet feeds in a similar fashion, but dives from an enormous, causing a considerable shags. Cormorants dive from the water surface but can also be seen sitting on the rocks, their wings stretched out to dry in the sun. The girls, opportunists of the bird world, can be found on key sides squabbling over scraps. Visit to the seizure, perhaps during a holiday trip, inevitably evolves, stepping into rock pools, turning over stones, appearing with colorful creatures that live underneath. But look up, watch the booth, for they are equally fascinating in their diversity under behavior