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Here I narrate an audio book in the first person discussing the benefits of herbal remedies.

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Hi jenny. My name is april abadi Adams and I am going to be doing the audiobook audition for Homesteaders. Herbal handbook, The Homesteader Herbal handbook, bye jenny Rampal narrated by april Adams. Introduction. Herbal remedies are an excellent way to address our daily health and wellness needs. There are illnesses and trauma that still require conventional medicine. The desire to return to the simplicity of living a healthy lifestyle free from toxins, additives, fake hormones and chemicals is a movement that continues to grow. In fact, people who would never have considered being organic 10 or 15 years ago are now incorporating it into their daily lifestyles. I know this because this was me. I grew up a city girl and never thought about where my food came from. It was just at the grocery store. I never grew a plant Except for a little cactus. I was given as a gift when I was eight and it never occurred to me to do so. The same was true when it came to pharmaceuticals, have a headache, take an aspirin, need ointment, head to the drug store, have a medical condition, take the pills and live with the side effects. I never questioned my choices and never considered there were alternatives. I equated pharmaceuticals with health Fast forward to my early 40s. I was raising three active daughters, working full time more than full time, running my own business and traveling constantly. Then I got sick, nothing serious, thankfully or so I thought, but I couldn't seem to shake it. I got a cold. Then I got the flu and then I got another cold. Then I got a different virus and so on and so on. I caught everything over the next year or two and I had no resistance to any infection. I was run down and felt tired and terrible trips to the doctor resulted in more antibiotics but not better health in desperation. I reached out to a quote unquote health nut friend who recommended I see a natural path. I had never given natural medicine much credence, but at that point I was willing to try anything. I met with the natural path and told her I seemed to have a faulty immune system instead of loading me with pharmaceuticals, she added natural things to my diet that began to restore my overall health and it worked today. I live on a hobby farm and my interest in natural remedies has grown considerably as has my ability to grow my own food and plants. Now a nana to six toddlers, I am interested in proactively ensuring their health through herbs and healthy eating. Fortunately my daughter is also subscribed to this healthy lifestyle. What I have learned is that anyone can do this. If you have a city backyard, you can grow a small garden plot. If you have a larger property, you can cultivate a huge garden if you have limited space, you can have containers and hanging baskets. I call it the homestead mindset. You can grow and cultivate natural foods and herbs that inspire and create health. When I started, I didn't know anything and I had to learn step by step what to do. You can too.