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here at me apps. Our mission is to help every patient live a life full of functionality and comfort. We treat our patients as if they were our own family and do everything in our power to fully support them in reaching their goals. New England orthotics and prosthetics is comprised of first class clinicians. This is why unlike other providers, neons is able to provide specialized services for a wide range of conditions at the heart of A. V. Lies a single guiding belief that our commitment to science is a commitment to better our society. As members of a wide reaching scientific community. We take pride in our groundbreaking drug discovery and development but it is our ability to deliver that sets us apart and allows us to uniquely address the needs of our patients and the needs of our times. A polarizer is a device through which only light waves oscillating in a single plane may pass. A Polaroid emitter is an instrument used to determine the angle through which plane polarized light has been rotated by a given sample. You will have the opportunity to use a Polaroid emitter in the laboratory component of this course. Dr Sharma your patient Mr Maxwell called and said the nephrologist you recommended wasn't taking new patients and asked if you had another doctor you could recommend. Since Dr Samuels can't see Mr Maxwell. I'll write a referral to dr johnson. She's still growing her practice. Thank you doctor. I will let Mr Maxwell know to check the patient portal tomorrow for the referral if the brake has displaced the bones and cartilage and the patient's knows. The doctor may be able to manually realign them. During this procedure, the doctor first administers medication by injection or nasal spray to ease discomfort. Then the doctor opens the patient's nostrils with the nasal speculum, observe how the doctor realigns the broken bones and cartilage with the instruments and then splints the nose with packing on the inside and addressing on the outside.