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Verbal and Oral Communication

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The given audio is the voice recording of a paragraph published in a textbook. The content discusses features of oral and verbal communication.

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topic. Verbal or oral communication, verbal or oral communication is one of the most important types of communication. In this tight. There is nothing in writing. The examples of formal communication are numerous rural orders face to face discussions, telephonic talk, lectures, interviews, counselling, public speeches with or without audio visual aids, etc. Oral messages can be conveyed by using the microphone or loudspeakers, the telephone, radio, etc. Very often more than one medium is required to make oral communication. Effective face to face communication combines forum which facial expressions, voice modulation, body language and universally accepted signs and symbols. Kate attire, proximity, etc. For instance, a properly desk dressed person with pleasant expressions will be able to establish contact with others and gain their attention an interest with great ease. The impact of an oral message can be enhanced with the help of graphs, charts, pictures and models.