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whenever someone tells me they're feeling blue, I'm like, Really? That's great art Most blues Just the Purkiss colors in the world. There's Peri Winkle, bonnet blue, Grandma's hair dyed blue Dolphins are blue and they're happy. They say trust takes time and wisdom is gained Over the years, one financial company has been building trust for nearly two centuries. Hartford, Find out what the Hartford can do for you at e trade. Low cost investing doesn't just mean a little price. It means getting everything you need to invest for yourself, not by yourself. So you can wave good riddance to some high price broker dishing out cookie cutter portfolios. Most people that have never seen PetSmart don't picture it right. They think pet store dog bowls, kitty litter. You tell them No, I think big a bigger not that big. We may not all be geniuses, but we can all do something smart. Introducing the Hyundai 1 99 Synot elites. It's a smart deal on a really smart car. You've got to keep your house. You've got to keep your car Well, now you've got a key to the pump speed pass from Mobile. Just wave it at the pump. Gas up and go. I'm Dr Dreadful on. This is my zone B lab mixed. Lots of growth. Things like some B brains. Then you eat them. Dr. Dread Food Zombieland makes over 40 experiments.