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at Expedia, you are granted the opportunity to create dreamlike travel experiences for grateful and deserving people nationwide. You read that on the website Careers Page. I know. But most of your time will be spent listening to Pam from Pascoe Met Moan about the three star hotel, only giving her one Viper Rewards water bottle. We're going to spend the bulk of this course learning about the relationships with our partners, so they are happy to give Pam a 2nd $1 bottle of water. This guidance is four K through 12 school administrators who are preparing for students, teachers and staff to return to school. School administrators are individuals who oversee the daily operations of K through 12 schools and may include school district superintendents, school principals and assistant principals. Module one details key considerations for school administrators. Click next to continue cutting lumber and clearing Brush with a chainsaw is dirty work, and it's important to clean the chainsaw regularly to keep its engine and chain mechanism working properly. If you don't properly maintain your steel chainsaw, its engine may misfire. Luckily, you can keep it in top condition with just 10 easy steps, and that's what we're going to walk through in this Steals Solutions video. Marcus and James meet at the library every morning. Toe walk to school together. Marcus lives here on Elm Street. This is where James lives on Oak Drive. Trace the shortest route for each to take to the library. Hoops. That's Mr Craig's Deli. James must have stopped for breakfast. Try again. Great job. Marcus and James are at the library. Once the simulation has begun, you will have up to 10 minutes to complete each task. If a task is not completed for any reason, the simulation will be terminated and must be reset by the proctor. Please take this time to ensure your orientation is calibrated.