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What is dementia dementia describes a collection of symptoms that are caused by disorders affecting the brain? Who gets dementia dementia can happen to anybody, but it's more common after the age of 65 years. What are the early signs of dementia? The early signs may not be immediately obvious. Some common symptoms may include progressive and frequent memory loss, confusion, apathy, and withdrawal loss of ability to perform everyday tasks. Is there a cure for dementia at present? There's no prevention or cure for most forms of dementia. However, some medications have been found to reduce some symptoms. Hearing loss can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to hear speech and other sounds. There are different types of hearing loss which range from mild to severe and sadly you can begin experiencing hearing difficulties at any age. So what are the symptoms of hearing loss? The first Science can be quite hard to notice. And may include any of the following issues. Having trouble hearing in noisy places. Having trouble hearing conversations and understanding what people are saying. Having trouble understanding people, unless they are directly facing you, or often needing to ask people to repeat themselves. Hearing sounds as muffled as though people are mumbling adventure has taken us to the final resting place of the titanic and to the highest peaks of the Himalayas. To adventure has Lead us to meet people from the fairest reaches of our globe and to discover the wonders of our own back gardens today, after more than 130 years of exploring the world and everything in it we embark on our greatest adventure yet. What is culture? Is it the country we come from? Or the language we speak? Is it our clothes, the food we eat?