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Mixed Voice Acting Reel of jobs recently done.

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A mix of characters for games and audio dramas. Cold/Dry audio from studio.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian , British (General) , North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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bunny, Shut your beautiful mouth and listen with your beautiful ears. You don't need that dumb hat to be popular. You're a bunny of charisma. I mean look at this guy. What a guy, right? What an entrance. Welcome to a world where kids learn through play. A lot of folks think Buffalo Bill and I just travel around doing trick shot shows. Ain't that a hoot? We've been using it as a cover for years to hunt down monsters all over and most people are none the wiser. We had a run in with more of those red eyed bastards than either of us ever seen not long ago after giving them 22 caliber bullets where their brain should have been bill and I figured it was high time to find some like minded individuals such as yourself, how dare ist they'll harm my servant, vile creature. Thou durst call upon me to enter the castle. Thou must play the right tune. You desecrate this by your presence. Thou wouldst have words. Hey, I'll give the a word or two. I can see that your God is quite tired of your constant whining. You shall perish by the divine hand of our almighty God. I'll give the a word or two