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Audiobook - Fantasy/Science-Fiction Demo

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In this demo I read the final two pages of my favourite science fiction/fantasy book.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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palpatine adopted a look of surprise. And already you've been appointed a learner engine must have trained you brilliantly again, Obi wan added, he was an inspired teacher, palpatine firmed his lips and shook his head. Such a waste of life! He cut his gaze to Anakin. I didn't have an opportunity on naboo to thank you young Skywalker. Your actions were nothing less than extraordinary. May the force ever be as strong with you? Thank you, sir, Anakin said in a quiet voice, palpatine interlinked the fingers in his hands. I'm told that you grew up on tattooing. I visited there many years ago. Anakin's eyes narrowed for the briefest moment. I did, sir, but I'm not supposed to talk about that, palpatine watched him, glanced up at O. P. One. And why is that my mother, Anakin. Obi wan snapped, and reprimand palpatine reclined slightly, studying the two of them. Obi one seemed not to have noticed the fury simmering in the boy, but for an incident, palpatine perceived a touch of his younger self and Skywalker. The need to challenge authority. The Gift from asking his emotions. The yet unrecognized power. I apologize if I've stirred something between you, he said after a moment, clearly uncomfortable. Obi wan shifted in place. The Jedi are trained to live in the moment. Supreme Chancellor. Our upbringings have little to do with our lives in the force, palpatine furrowed his brow. Easy for an infant, I'm certain. But for a young boy, he interrupted himself with a negligent gesture. Well, who am I to pass judgments on the tenets of your order when the Jedi have kept peace in the Republic for 1000 years, Obi once said nothing in a definite way. But tell me, paddle on Skywalker, how it feels to have become a member of such a revered group. It's like a dream come true, sir, Anakin said, in genuine sincerity. A dream come true. Then. You thought long about the Jedi order and about the force. Anakin nodded. I've always wanted to bring justice. It's not for you to decide your destiny. Anakin Obi once said, The Force will guide you, palpatine smiled inwardly. Guide you to me. Young Skywalker Dooku had talent and could be a powerful placeholder. But this seemingly guileless, pleasant faced boy. This forceful boy was the one he would take as his apprentice and used to execute the final stage of the grand plan. Let Obi one instruct him in the ways of the Force and let Skywalker grow embittered over the next decade. As his mother aged in slavery, the galaxy deteriorated around him and his fellow Jedi fell to inextricable conflicts. He was too young to be trained in the ways of the Sith in any case, but he was the perfect age to bond with a father figure who had listened to all his troubles and coax him inexorably over to the dark side, as I told you on naboo. And again, he finally said, we will continue to follow your career with great interest and assure that it culminates in the ruination of the Jedi and the re ascendancy of the sith.