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About The App

Voices.com has designed an app to serve both those hiring talent and voice talent promoting themselves for work opportunities. One of the coolest features is the ability to quickly review responses and award a job right from your iPhone!


A Beautifully Seamless Experience

Search Categories


Tap into a network of 100,000 voice over talent from around the world and search by keyword, language, gender, location and speciality. Talent listed on Voices.com represent over 100 spoken languages.



Visit talent profiles and listen to voice over samples. While you are there, learn more about a talent and view their feedback ratings and reviews. You can even share talent profiles that you like quickly and easily.

Profile Demos


After posting your job, talent responses will arrive within the hour. Review responses by comparing voice samples, proposals and price quotes. You can "like" an audition to help create a short list of talent you might work with.

Job Responses


When you've found the voice talent you want to work with, simply tap "Award Job." Once awarded, the voice talent is notified and work begins. Manage talent recordings within your Voices.com account. It's really that easy.

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The Buzz About The App

"Very informative webinar from David Ciccarelli and the folks at Voices.com about the new iPhone app! David has single handily proven that old dogs CAN learn new tricks."

Herb Merriweather

"I like that I will be able to see jobs available while I'm out or away."

Kim Somers

"Can't wait to download it and start using it."

Scott Fortney

"Looks slick and functional."

J. Michael Collins

"The app looks complete and well-thought out. The addition of the recorder is a bonus. I can see myself knocking off some tempting auditions on vacation or on the road, where ever."

Cal Koat

"Terrific! Can't wait to start using it. This eliminates a big problem I've had that when I'm away from my computer and get to audition requests, there are already scores of replies ahead of me."

Guy Arledge

"I like the fact that I can record on the go and see everything, just as if I were at my computer!"

Matilda Novak

"We Brits will no longer need to get out of bed for midnight auditions!"

Howard Ellison

"This is a very complete app it covers all the bases -love it! The ability to respond to auditions, check status of jobs, while on the road away from the computer"

Skip Orem

"Appeared to have cohesive integration with website. Looked clean/clear and easy to use."

Scott Gentle

"It looks easy to use. Very functional and you've taken everything into account that you would need for the auditioning process. Well done!"

Paul Hernandez

"Having the option of recording on the go or just responding to jobs with a dedicated Voices.com interface!"

Jonathan Hanst

About Us

Voices.com is the leading online marketplace that connects you with professional voice over talent. We're passionate about helping you find the best voice for your project quickly and at a price you can afford.


Need help? Voices.com offers the best support in the industry. Reach us toll-free via phone at 1-888-359-3472, or by emailing support@voices.com. Our office hours are 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday.